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French Mum, humanitarian, restless explorer and doer on sabbatical in Cebu (Philippines): one Attila in each arm, I am exploring the “toddlers safe” corners of the region, while trying to keep some room for Me.

What’s in the picture?

When we are treasure hunting by the beach, I always tell the kids to look for something very special that would tell us a story. Any shape, any material with a … Continue reading

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My best Valentine present (parenting version)

  “Valentine’s Day” is very loud in the Philippines: It’s all about red and pink hearts, mountains of chocolates on display even at the Pharmacy, and if you thought that … Continue reading

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Some Mondays are made of this

  It’s perfectly OK if the only exercise you’ll get today is flipping the pages of a book or stirring your tea or smiling with friends. Wellbeing means your WHOLE … Continue reading

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From SAHM to CEO: How I filled the 3-year gap in my resume (without any alternative fact)!

Now that I am diving into the job search again, I need an answer to THE question every recruiter will ask me: What about the last 3 years in the … Continue reading

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5 treasures I found in my Yoga Teacher Training

When I enrolled to Pascale Wettstein’s Yoga Teacher Training (YTT), it was all for shaping my body. I had no idea I would learn so much about shaping my life … … Continue reading

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7 years of reflection, 2 beautiful kids, living together in 5 countries and finally… He proposed ! (who said Swiss were very slow people?) You might have thought we had … Continue reading

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4 Priceless benefits of being a Minimalist Family

We are the cliché of the Expat Family. Moving to a new country every other year, packing and unpacking pro, able to tell the weight of a suitcase just by … Continue reading

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Where is “Home” for my Multicultural kids?

Born and raised in Asia, they flew before they could walk. French by their Mum, Swiss German by their Dad, 6 y.o altogether and already fluent in English, French, Bärn … Continue reading

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5 ways growing up in the Philippines is ruining my children’s lives

Early January: The compulsory ritual of the screening of the passing year, what we did well and what we could do better. Expatriating your family is a selfish choice: You are … Continue reading

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Solitude in a Green Heaven

I meet my Self in stillness.  And we breathe. S.W. Berry In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge on Solitude  

February 6, 2017 · 7 Comments

Repurposing on the road, Filipino Style

Spend some times in the Philippines and you’ll very soon realise that the sky is the limit when it comes to make the best with what you have. Creativity doesn’t … Continue reading

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From SAHM to Working Mum (intro)

The news hit me like a punch: In 4 months, we are out of the country. Adios Filipino island life, back to Europe. But WHAT will we do and WHERE? I have been … Continue reading

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Every Yogi is graceful

The “mantra” I keep on repeating to my students: Be interested in How you go. Not How Far you go . So you can naturally connect your breath, your body and your mind. … Continue reading

January 23, 2017 · 5 Comments

Sisterhood pride

I so wish I were in a big town yesterday, in Washington, NYC, Philadelphia, Paris, Barcelona, London or Berlin, marching with all those beautiful people! Standing peacefully yet so strongly for our values … Continue reading

January 22, 2017 · 4 Comments

It’s all about perspective

It’s been raining cats and dogs on our Filipino island for over 2 weeks now. School have even been canceled, traffic is so insane that no taxi would dare coming … Continue reading

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