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Prime symptoms of Mid life crisis ? 3 best rejuvenating experiences in Cebu




Take a woman in her early forties. She is the typical extravert, who deeply cherishes her freedom. She loves her job, travels constantly and has the privilege to meet with fascinating people from all over the world.

Now figure her as a full time Mum, no job opportunity in the neighborhood, thousands of miles away from a decent Apéro with her friends. Husband working full time and traveling quite extensively…Identity crisis, anyone?

So here I am, joining a burgeoning trend where women go middle-age crazy and opt for wilder versions of themselves. I pull the doors of Bridges Salon with a mission: ditching my classic coifs in favor of “statement” hair, which includes undercutting or shaving off bits of it, and dying it in colors insulting to nature.

See the picture above?…

So very grateful that this Salon happens to be real gem: Francis Lee, the hyper qualified owner, understood my style right away. Vent scared me a little when he turned me into a blondie, but the Ambré was beyond my expectations.


Bridges Salon The Gallery, Juan Luna street,Mabolo, 6000 Cebu City(032)233-0023, (032)5057631. Must book in advance!

Hair fixed, I needed to still the mind.

Want a real yoga session, with instructors who don’t just do their job but also share their passion? Then Yoga world is your place too.

They have classes all day long at affordable prices. My schedule works best with the Gentle Flow class of Carlo. In less than 2 weeks, I became so addicted to his class that I (hardly) no longer beg the clock to hurry when doing my 5th Sun Salutation.


Third tip? A paradise island 5 hours from home. Santa Fe is (still) so quiet and so beautiful, no traffic, no noise, just white sand and turquoise sea. Once in a while, escape the crowd, reconnect with what really matters and recharge the batteries.


Here is the place to check in:Image


One last tip for the road? no need to travel, it is right here, just at the level of your heart. Take a piece of paper, a pen and write down all the things you are grateful for. I bet this will be your most rejuvenating experience 😉



10 comments on “Prime symptoms of Mid life crisis ? 3 best rejuvenating experiences in Cebu

  1. Nends
    June 24, 2014

    Nice one, Stef! Looks like you are having a helluva time there! Miss our little weekend tête-à-tête. Miss you lots. x

    • estelea
      June 24, 2014

      Gotta keep myself busy 😛 truth is : I MISS YOU GUYS SO MUCH YOU HAVE NO IDEA ! Ok, we can eat sandwiches wherever we want here and read 1984 in peace, but still.. We need to meet up at some stage, in your funky place or even in Europe. BIG Hugs and Kisses

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  3. GreenRideBikers
    January 2, 2015

    This is one of the fabulous article I cam across here on word press. It is so powerful, yet so simple and straight-forward in its approach. I loved the last picture, and I surely would come up with mine..till then, I have made the picture as my desktop (sorry I stole it.. haha) The picture really inspires me, and I want it to stay in my sight. Thank you so much..

    Looking forward for more series on more solutions to avert crisis in life :p

    • estelea
      January 2, 2015

      Thank you so much for your very kind words 🙂 And the picture is yours, happy to share it! I am pretty sure I ll develop more coping mechanisms in the upcoming months… Not sure we can totally advert the crisis, but at least see it from an interesting angle so it becomes an opportunity to learn something valuable, what do you think? And who knows, I ll may become the head of GreenRideBikers in Cebu (given I can use a motor on my bike 😉

      • GreenRideBikers
        January 2, 2015

        Hahaha..cycling is one of way i beat my offers so much stress..especially when our expectations hand us down..and changes are not easy to deal..when i am stressed (i mean when i start thinking about the problems in my life)..i shrugg myself up..taken my bike keys and just zoom out on highways n follow the sign boards..thats all i do..and as i roam i see many things..i see “change”.. A change which my eyes would certain miss if i go on motorbike cruising endorphins shoot me a happy-mood feeling..and the pain..has no longer access to my worries simply dissolve with the changes i see around..i ride on weekends from dawn to dusk (i mean afternoon to evening) and i find a great it also involves hunting natural resources like drinkable water..

        I thank you for the has given out so many option..and presently so creatively..

        About greenbikeriders in mean i would really be happy to see how you add your charm to this concept of green initiative through your way..i am confident & sure you may add up a creative angle to it..:)

      • estelea
        January 2, 2015

        Waou, you are really inspiring! Thanks so much for sharing your passion, you make me want to do more sport 😛 and that’s already on my list of resolution that will hopefully last. Loved your message, thanks again 🙂

      • GreenRideBikers
        January 2, 2015

        You are welcome:)

  4. justbluedutch
    July 6, 2016

    I adore the picture of you and your little girl..! lovely post !

    • estelea
      July 11, 2016

      Thanks a lot 🙂 Thx God I am back to my natural colour. Might be a collateral effect of the yoga 😉

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