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Seoul : 4 magical places tested and adored by Maelle, 4 y.o.

Maelle's picks

Remember how I had it all planed last week, with my list of must do and must see ? … well, how about the hubby losing his passport 4h before take off ? checked !

So Maelle and I decided to seize of the chance to leave as planned and wait for the Boys in Seoul : 24h of total girly Time !

  1. A walk by Ewha University (Line 2 Ewha Woman Uni. Stations. Exit 2,3)

Lots of fascinating little shops are clustered along a side-street that branches off the main street leading from Ewha Univ Subway station to the university’s main gates.

googles everywhere

Lots of great googles for 10 000 W, about 10 US Dollars. Again, people kind enough to let Maelle try anything, even encouraging her by laughing with her and taking pictures of her.

bracelets chocolateria socksmorethanbeautiful snailmask1   boyorgirlsnailgelpatch2014-10-13 08.04.09

Maelle was so into trying all the different shades of make up and lipsticks( and anything sparkly actually !) I was wondering when the staff would eventually kick us out. Ne-ver ! in every shop, not only she was welcomed with samples and goodies, but the sellers would advise her on the proper colors to wear, treating her like a real grown up and making sure she had enough sweets in her pockets before leaving !

  1. Wedding rehearsal at Princess Diary

The place was not so easy to find, but even if English is not widely spoken in the area, all the people we met were really eager to help. A seller in the street pointed us to his colleague who not only spoke English but also had a very smart phone.(note to myself: make sure I have all the directions written in Korean next time!)

The place is a girl’s heaven. Pick up your wedding dress (real beautiful ones !) or your traditional Korean Hanboks , get your hair done, put some make up and click, click, click ! you have 60mn to immortalize the moment. It is pretty expensive (20 to 40 dollars for a dress), but worth it as the café is set like a studio, every corner is Instagramable. Just make sure you go on a week day so you can have all the space (almost) just for you.

accessoiries weddingdresseslike a starBallerinalr Maellepiano2 Mumtiara1  prices1

Most of the dresses are for adults. Made me think of Muriel a bit too much to consider wearing one too.

How to get to the Princess Diary Cafe: Take green circle line (line 2) to Ewha Women’s Univ. Station and walk out of exit 3. Walk down the street to your right when you exit the station then turn left at the Juno Hair alley. The Princess Cafe is on the 3rd floor of the building to your right.

  1. Contact lenses shops (the answers to THE question)

Those shops are almost at every corner of every street. Maelle was mesmerized and finally popped the question : « Mum, why all people here have such closed eyes? I think they can not they can see as much as we do  »

Really ? Why ?

« because that’s why they come to these shop to buy proper eyes »

almondeyes contactscolored Maelleaffiche

  1. The Noodle Shop

Healthy and tasty fast food, so you don’t have to break the shopping/wandering rhythm. Perfect !

Noodle Box Noodle box menu

  1. and A real café (for Mum !)

Seoul has the best cafés I ever tasted -and I am a real café afficionada. After all the sports of the day, we finally pressed on pause in the Caffé Artigiano (right at the corner of Princess Diary).

Artigiano1 Artigiano2

The place is quiet and has a very sweet homey feeling. While I am indulging in a perfect Cappuccino, Maëlle is fast asleep on the cosy sofa, lipstick all over her happy face.


7 comments on “Seoul : 4 magical places tested and adored by Maelle, 4 y.o.

  1. Aussie Emjay
    October 15, 2014

    Oh- I love her expression as she looks at the packet involving snails!

    • estelea
      October 16, 2014

      She was hilarious when she realized how it worked! we had a few good ones like that, like when she asked for the favor of the most colorful ice cream, and the seller told her “kaka!”. Still don’t know what it means in Korean, but her face when he repeated the word was priceless (Aussie Emjay, Kaka = pooh in French!)

  2. Tidlidim
    October 15, 2014

    Hahaha! Only 4 years old but Maëlle seems like a little lady already! Love the pic with the snail pack thing. Her face is absolutely priceless on it!

  3. estelea
    October 16, 2014

    😉 too bad it did not come with the sound actually, when she asked the seller if “seriously, really?” they would put snails on their face. traveling opens minds, they say…

  4. Anna
    October 20, 2014

    oh the things women would do about beauty!!She’ll learn one step at a time (no need to use snails though)!

    • estelea
      October 21, 2014

      Oh I agree 🙂 Given her face, I think she agreed that there are limits to what you can put on your face to make it brighter ..

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