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Why as a proud breastfeeder I totally support the Claridge


Thanks for respecting our privacy!

A mother was breastfeeding her child in the International hôtel Claridge in London a few days ago. She had been politely told to cover herself with an oversized napkins by the hotel staff.

So what ? enough to shock the European media and set mass protests ?

As incredible as it seems, yes it was. Dozens of breastfeeding mothers even decided to organize a « nursing sit in » in front of the hôtel, to force its managers to apologize.

Apologize for what ? read this one carefully « for asking the breastfeeding women to be discreet ». Not to hide in a corner, or in a bathroom. Not to breastfeed out of the hotel. Just to be discreet and cover her breast.

Mais quelle connerie ! excuse my French here, but I can’t believe what some women would do for the holy Feminist Cruisade. It is now winter in London, but those very responsible mothers sat for hours with their tiny baby for the sake of showing that they could breastfeed anywhere, and should be entitled show their breast in a restaurant if they so desire. Seriously women, your baby would certainly be better Inside, at this time of year than being the accessory of this meaningless cause. No one ever asked you to stop breastfeeding. Only to be discreet !

I support the Claridge as a mother :

I have breastfed my two kids for their first year. No matter when, to matter where, I have always been willing and able !

But I never ever felt the need to expose myself on behalf of the « right to breastfeed ». Because my body is my privacy, and as much as I love to be a mother, I am also a woman. I bless all the pashminas and other covers that would protect me and my children from the looks of the by standers. Breastfeeding is beautiful and does not have to be shared nor imposed to the rest of the world. It has been a communion between me and my children, too private to be shared. Even with my closed friends, especially the ones of the opposite sex.

I support the Claridge as a client :

I have been living in enough countries far from home to realize that « natural » does not have an universal meaning. No, it is not natural to show your breast in Asia, let alone in the Middle East. It is pornographic. And if you think you can impose it on behalf of your own values, think twice. Look at the other women around you, how they are dressed and how they are behaving in their family. Look at the men around you. The Claridge has an International clientele, so I can totally understand they could be shocked by a woman breastfeeding without covering her breast.

Whenever I had to breastfeed, I would always always find the most helpful people, anywhere., to give me and the Attila a room, a seat, always making me feel comfortable . It has been a privilege to breastfeed in Bangkok, all the malls have breastfeeding rooms, with soft classical music, and guess what, some curtains for the women who wants their privacy .. from other mothers.

Asking a breastfeeding mother to cover her breast is not insulting her. It’s protecting her privacy and the one of her child. And respecting the people around too, whose culture could differ from ours. My two cents worth…


16 comments on “Why as a proud breastfeeder I totally support the Claridge

  1. lexklein
    December 10, 2014

    I agree with you 100%. Great post, and brave of you to make your points.

    • estelea
      December 11, 2014

      Thanks dear, really appreciate. I was fed up with all those women who pretended talking on behalf of all the breastfeeding mothers. Thanks for your support 🙂

  2. graydaysandcoffee
    December 10, 2014

    I agree with you completely. Thank you for your thoughtful, respectful, well written views on this subject.

    • estelea
      December 11, 2014

      Thank you very much for the very kind words and your precious support 🙂

  3. luciledegodoy
    December 11, 2014

    I had read a post on the same from another blogger, complaining about the hotel’s decision and agreed on that. Reading your post made me realize that I had forgotten this not very tiny angle of culture and the one of individuality – regardless of culture.
    My parents always told me that my freedom stops where others’ start. I think what you wrote here expresses that.
    Generalizations are not welcome and we, me included, are sometimes too fast to judge as discrimination, what is in fact an individual right and a cultural difference.We can always make choices and never impose ours on others. It is a two way process.
    Thanks for bringing my thoughts to a clearer and fairer point.
    Great post.

    • lexklein
      December 11, 2014

      Wow – I love that estelea made her point so well that she spurred a reader to take a second look, AND I love that there are still people like luciledegodoy whose minds are not closed to others’ way of thinking. Isn’t this the way public discourse is supposed to work? Kudos to both of you!

      • estelea
        December 11, 2014

        😉 Now you too make me feel like a Pop Star!

      • luciledegodoy
        December 12, 2014

        Thanks. Fully agree. Public discourse is supposed to work like that. And Estelea did a superb job.

    • estelea
      December 11, 2014

      Thank you so much Lucile for your message, I am really very flattered. The more I travel and live abroad, the more I understand why our values can not have an universal meaning. As your perfectly pointed out, we can always make choices and never impose ours on others.

      I chose to react to this piece of news when I heard the protesters saying they were representing all the breastfeeding mothers and even worse, when they brandished a panel saying “that’s what breasts are for, you stupid”. So aggressive, and so restrictive.

      Anyhow, a chance to express my opinion, and very happy I could share it with you; thanks again for your precious comment, you do have a special way to make me feel special (I know I already told you, but you don’t stop 😉

      • luciledegodoy
        December 12, 2014

        I don’t get tired of saying that you have yourself to thank for my comments; and it’s about time for you to accept that you’re special.

        So true what you said. There are no universal meaning for values. I come across this the whole time.

        Looking forward to learning more from your views of this diverse world.

        Enjoy a beautiful weekend with family; hopefully with some extra hours of sleep! Xx

      • estelea
        December 14, 2014

        Thanks ❤

  4. busy lady
    January 8, 2015

    Good blog. I breastfed my two daughters in public if needed but always covered with a blanket. It wold have been embarrassing to expose myself even to breastfeed.

    • estelea
      January 11, 2015

      Exactly the same for me. I feel it is natural, but I don’t see the need to expose proudly. Thanks for stopping by dear 🙂

  5. dennyho
    January 26, 2016

    Brava! Well stated and respectful to all.

    • estelea
      February 5, 2016

      Thanks a lot 😉 Have a lovely week end!

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