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I am Charlie


Just a few hours ago, in Paris, a horrendous terrorist attack against the satyric newspaper “Charlie Hebdo” killed 12 people, including journalists and a policeman. Terrible pictures and endless speculations are flooding the web.

So sad. I am thinking of the families of the victims, especially of the one of this policeman with his hands up when he was killed. I am also thinking of all the moderate Muslims who’ll suffer from this barbaric act and obviously become victims of those terrorists too. All those innocent people who will have to justify their faith over and over, because of a bloody minority that disfigures their religion.muslim

Assimilation has always been the worse collateral damage.

I am relieved not to be a News Producer anymore. We would have been running amok for pictures, testimonies, bargaining the minute of footage for crazy prices, just for the sake of having something juicy enough to  broadcast. All the losers of the place would run to me so I can admire what they had taped on their phone, throwing ridiculous numbers at me “give me 1000 euros!”. Actually, if the images were good, I would have. They get their 10 sec of fame, we get our prime time. Fair enough. Yes it does suck. But in this bloody competition, you lose all sense of respect, of privacy, you have a mission and you’ll get the best stuff on air air tonight, whatever it takes. Isn’t it appealing to see that UK media has pixalited images of a Charlie Hebdo cartoon but happily posted a video of a brutal murder ??

Only a few hours after the attack, only idiots can pretend analyzing and explaining the attack in a coherent manner. I can perfectly picture them, their vampire smile perfectly incrusted in their powered face, micro checked, eagerly waiting for their favorite sentence “Mr XXX, you are a leading expert on terrorism, please give us your reading of the situation“.

I won’t watch the news tonight. There is not much I can do aside from offering my sympathy to all the victims and their loved ones, and sharing the invitation to march tonight at Place de la République, “for freedom of the press, democracy, and the Republic“. And hope, despite my gut feelings, that the violence won’t escalade and make more victims.



12 comments on “I am Charlie

  1. Ann Grubbsncritters
    January 7, 2015

    It’s tragic and absolutely ridiculous. It’s sad for moderate Muslims around the world and it’s exactly inhumane people such as these that give Islam such a bad name. I am absolutely mortified. Well-written post, though.

    • estelea
      January 8, 2015

      It’s devastating, I really hope the violence will stop there and that tolerance, freedom and respect will finally get the respect they deserve. Frustrating to be in Cebu those days, would have been better off walking with my peers last night in Bastille 😛 Cheers to you my dear!

    • estelea
      January 8, 2015

      Look at the 4th cartoon on today’s post. Says it all 😦

  2. desleyjane
    January 7, 2015

    Such a pointless tragedy, so sad for the families. Thank you for writing this x.

  3. estelea
    January 8, 2015

    THanks for your kind words, really appreciate. My thoughts to the families and all the innocent and courageous people killed by those sick men.

  4. Fabio
    January 8, 2015

    Dear Estelea, You said it all about this horrendous crime. We cannot do much, except to pray for the victims, their families, and to hug our beloved ones. The editor and the cartoonists were very courageous people. They died for a cause that we need to fight for, if necessary. Hugs to you, your husband, and your children. The attack was on all of us. Thanks so much and take care!

    • estelea
      January 8, 2015

      You said it perfectly, the attack was on all of us, all what we are standing for. Big hugs right back to you and your loved ones!

      • Fabio
        January 8, 2015

        Thanks so much, Estelea, for your friendship, for being such a human being, and for the sharpness of your thoughts! Take care!

      • estelea
        January 8, 2015

        ❤ That's exactly what I think of you! Have a beautiful day!

      • Fabio
        January 8, 2015

        Thanks much! You too!

  5. luciledegodoy
    January 8, 2015

    Thank you Estelea. My heart and thoughts are with you and the French people.
    The clarity of your thoughts and humanity is impressive. As a French national, despite of the pain inflicted in you, you haven’t at all lost perspective and taken the provocation to retaliate and act like them, with more hatred and violence.
    You cared for the victims and that included the muslim faith, which has been and will continue being mixed up in this mess created by these fundamentalists and terrorists.
    They use the name of of a prophet to justify their madness, bringing along with them all the other decent men and women, who truly believe in their prophet.
    Last night there were street demonstrations of support everywhere in the world, including here in Holland. Tonight I will go together with my husband – who is a journalist – to a big demonstration in the streets of Amsterdam. I will have you, your nation, and the victims in my heart. The attack was on all of us.

  6. estelea
    January 8, 2015

    Your message, as usual, is so heartwarming! I have spent years working in Muslim countries, and we used references to the Coran to justify the need to respect International Humanitarian Law – and it had never been questioned. All religions preach compassion and respect, and the religious leaders I have met never tried to convert anyone. I had the feeling that their religion was a way to discipline themselves. Nothing to do with those terrorists whose sole faith is hatred.

    What baffled me now is that those lunatics don’t respect anything. We don’t share any value, even the mere respect of life. Responding by the same violence is entering their game and allowing them to become martyrs to their cause. Plus an eye for an eye and soon we’ll all be blind. It seems to me that all we can do is to firmly stand for our values, and don’t be impressed. I’ll be with you to the demonstration, at least spiritually 🙂 I am very proud to count you as my friend Lucile ❤

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