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Bienvenue en France!


Here we finally are! Still struggling with the 7h of jet lag and the 30 degrees of difference. But I have never been so happy to wake up at 4, all energized. Up for a whole yoga session with no kid jumping on my back, in total silence. Getting dressed with layers and layers of heavy wool, wearing my beloved UGG and eventually wandering in the most invigorating and inspiring forest … Nothing beats this homey feeling, especially in spring.

I would love to share some of it with you, so here is the plan: every day or so, I ll post pictures of something from here. And lucky you, not only you’ll get snapshots of our trip, but also a chance to learn a bit of French. How does it sound?

Get started with this one: FORÊT [fɔʀɛ]


31 comments on “Bienvenue en France!

  1. authorsbmazing
    March 6, 2015

    Fun idea. A little refresher can’t be bad… I wish I would have to use it. It’s all gone every since we moved from Switzerland…

  2. jewey
    March 6, 2015

    your photos are so beautiful! i can only imagine what france looks like in person. and to think you’re only using your phone’s camera. not that there’s anything wrong with that but seriously, your pictures look so professional-looking! (that’s coming from a non-pro. lol.)

    • estelea
      March 7, 2015

      Thanks a lot 🙂 I use the iPhone and whenever I get the chance the hubby ‘s camera too. I don’t take any credit for the Picts , the place is very inspiring. But again thanks so much for your kind words, especially coming from a real photographer ‘s wife 😉 x !

  3. brittabottle
    March 6, 2015

    Can’t wait for more! Beautiful pictures, by the way. I am so yearning for the day when spring makes its way over here.

    • estelea
      March 7, 2015

      Merci merci 🙂 spring has a magic wand indeed, hadn’t realized how much I had missed it! Have a sweet Sunday 🙂

  4. Amanda Afield
    March 6, 2015

    Lovely spring photos!

  5. silverliningmama
    March 6, 2015

    Super! I’m hooked already!

  6. Ann GrubbsnCritters
    March 6, 2015

    Am currently about an hour away from France! Grrr…wld be awesome to have coffee!

    • estelea
      March 7, 2015

      Come !!! We rented a little apart in Paris, the more the merrier 🙂

      • Ann GrubbsnCritters
        March 8, 2015

        Hahaha! Wld love to. You know I would shamelessly knock on your door. Back in crazy hot weather in BKK now…

      • estelea
        March 8, 2015

        Gotta be slightly better organized next time! 😉

      • Ann GrubbsnCritters
        March 8, 2015

        I suck at planning! :p

      • estelea
        March 8, 2015

        So just get yourself a house somewhere nice next year (Holland still in the pipeline?), and we’ll show up! As easy as that!

  7. Benedict Nicholson
    March 6, 2015

    I always forget how pretty France is, what a lovely reminder. Envieux de votre voyage. Hope you enjoy it 🙂

    • estelea
      March 8, 2015

      Oh yes, thanks 🙂 don’t know if it’s the privilege of the aging .. Or the fact that I m now living so far from France, but every year I love it more. I finally appreciate all those little jewels that I used to take for granted, the nature, the food, the perfumes … Plus today we have 20 degrees! Vive la France (des vacances)

  8. luciledegodoy
    March 6, 2015

    Bonjour mon ami. I love this idea. Bring more. And learning French….the icing in the cake.
    These photos quality and composition is supreme, and the captions are super smart. Do I recognize your brains here? Lol.
    Enjoy there. Even cold, nature makes it perfect.
    Hugs. Xx

    • estelea
      March 7, 2015

      My Brain indeed 😉 thanks for all the sweet words My dear! I must admit that I m looking up to your great pictures!
      We left Fontainebleau today for a real Parisian week … Less nature but more art, love the mix ! A tres bientôt XXX

      • luciledegodoy
        March 8, 2015

        I’m following your journey too via your photos on Instagram and I’m delighted!! Beautiful scenery and atmosphere. And your family photo is heartwarming! Makes me miss the days when I’m together with all brothers and sisters.
        Enjoy there!!
        A tres bientôt!

      • estelea
        March 8, 2015

        1000 Mercis Lucille 🙂 I have been missing those crazies, feels so good to reconnect ! when the world seems head over feet, some things never change, so heartwarming and reassuring. I know you can totally relate with your brothers and sisters, right? are they all in Brazil?
        A très vite! ❤

      • luciledegodoy
        March 8, 2015

        Indeed I do relate to e dry single word here. That’s the exact feeling.
        They’re all there. I’m the only ‘gypsy’ in the family. But we see each other as often as possible. In July I’ll have a bunch of them over here, including my father.
        We may go to France too for a few days.
        Keep enjoying family and renewing this good energy you get from them.
        Love from Amsterdam.
        A très vite! ❤️

  9. ady
    March 6, 2015

    Lovely shots dear 😀 yours is such a beautiful country full of variety. 😀

  10. Albert the Dog
    March 6, 2015

    J’aime la forêt. 🙂

  11. expatmomdiaires
    March 7, 2015

    Lovely photos, looks you’re having a lot of fun in there. ☺️

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  13. trablogger
    March 22, 2015

    Now It is time for you to change the name of your blog 😉

    • estelea
      March 22, 2015

      Bah, we are back on the rock on the 6th of April… so not yet 😛

      • trablogger
        March 23, 2015

        oh.. its just an extended vacation then! Then I am still planning to visit Cebu 😉

      • estelea
        March 24, 2015

        Perfect ! Let me know when to prepare your couch 😉

      • trablogger
        March 25, 2015

        Sure will do 😀

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