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Mundane Monday: Come rain ..

.. Or come shine, Paris is always a good idea!


Holidays are over, we landed in Cebu last Friday. I am going through our pictures, and as the temperature here reaches 92F, I recall how Paris welcomed us, full spring swing, with its famous April showers (we actually call them March ones).

I love the rain – with a bit of sun . Because you know it won’t last long, and chances are that the showers will exit by a spectacular rainbow. I love those drops because they are so photogenic and inspiring. A bit of rain and a picture looks ageless. I took this picture last week, but it looked probably just the same in the 60s, the 50s even?..How many times did I miss my stop while looking through the bus window, having let my imagination revisit Paris and invent stories of rendez vous under the rain.

I know, I am a hopeless romantic, and being in Paris surely doesn’t help!


In response to Mundane Monday Challenge, created to find beauty in almost everything. I love Trablogger’s idea of changing perspective to see things in a more beautiful way. Good energies and smiles are contagious, aren’t they ? So how about starting the month with finding beauty in a very mundane thing, capturing the beauty and ..uploading your picture? See you there too !










35 comments on “Mundane Monday: Come rain ..

  1. Debbie H
    May 2, 2016

    This is a great shot! Love the rain drops and the beautiful background. I agree it does look ageless, and very clever 🙂

    • estelea
      May 5, 2016

      Thanks so much Debbie, what a beautiful compliment 🙂 Glad this pic resonated with you too! There is something so ageless with those Parisian streets, maybe because we ve been expatriated in Asia for quite long, where tall buildings and traffic jams rule the street life ?..
      Thanks again very much for passing by, have a lovely day 🙂

  2. anroworld
    May 2, 2016

    Fantastic and inspiring shot to let our imagination swing and create many romantic stories! I am romantic as well! I like your idea to see things in a more beautiful way, I am in with pleasure and smiles! So happy to see you back! Hope you are well! Lovely Monday! I am celebrating my Easter Monday, so at home and full of inspiration!

    • estelea
      May 5, 2016

      Hope you had a very quiet and inspiring Monday 🙂 Thanks so much for your sweet words, they really mean so much! We are on the little island where Marcel is working, and the connection is pretty bad there, so unfortunately I can not be as reactive as I would like to. In 10 days we ll be back in Cebu so it will be easier 🙂
      Sending you some of the 33C we have here 😛 XXX

      • anroworld
        May 5, 2016

        Thank you for sending me such warm weather, it seems it has been delivered, since it’s getting warmer and warmer, almost summer is here! Looking forward to seeing you soon! Take care, dear Estelea!

  3. lexklein
    May 2, 2016

    Beautiful shot and beautiful thoughts … I wish I could 100% buy into your sentiment of finding the beauty in something like rain because it has rained here for about a week straight and I’m not feeling too cheerful about it! Welcome home to you!

    • estelea
      May 5, 2016

      Hehehehe, this is the beauty of the ephemeral I guess 😉 For some reason, I did not like it that much when we were in Switzerland and it was so cold, under a very white sky …But at least it gave us a good excuse for chocolates and raclette!

      Thanks for the welcome, dear! Those next months should be pretty busy, and as long as the aircon is on, we are good .. X

  4. anotherday2paradise
    May 2, 2016

    Such a gorgeous shot! 🙂

    • estelea
      May 5, 2016

      Thanks a lot, so happy that you like it too 🙂 How is the weather in your corner of the world?

  5. Ann GrubbsnCritters
    May 2, 2016

    Welcome back! Paris brought back all the hopeless romantic in you. Xoxo.

  6. Priceless Joy
    May 2, 2016

    Beautiful photo!

    • estelea
      May 5, 2016

      Thanks a lot Princess 😉 It sounds like old memories already, now that we are back and grilling in the Philippines…

      • Priceless Joy
        May 5, 2016

        Sounds wonderful! Grilling in the Philippines!

      • estelea
        May 6, 2016

        Not bad, you are right 😉 as long as we have air con, we are totally fine!

      • Priceless Joy
        May 6, 2016

        LOL! I understand!

  7. Jeremy
    May 2, 2016

    Missing you, Estelea 🙂 Beautiful photo and nice article.

    • estelea
      May 5, 2016

      Thanks a lot my dearest 🙂 Happy to be back, now I can stalk your blog again …

  8. LDG luciledegodoy
    May 2, 2016

    This picture is stunning and I love your interpretation.
    By the way, I’m going to your beloved city on Thursday and back on Sunday. I’ll think of you while there.

    • estelea
      May 5, 2016

      Thanks dear for your very sweet compliments! I always appreciate all them so much 🙂
      3 days in Paris … Lucky you! just enough not to notice how grumpy and ill educated Parisians are 😉 Enjoy, eat well and have a decent espresso (or green or white tea) for me ❤

      • LDG luciledegodoy
        May 10, 2016

        You’re most welcome, my dearest. I’m back from wonderful days in your country. Thanks for sending a sunny and warm weather. 26 degrees! I was with lovely and well educated French friends and we visited places in Paris off the beaten tourist track. Nothing like being with the locals. Good good, good espressos, and great company.

      • estelea
        May 17, 2016

        Oh I am so glad to read that you had a blast in Paris. Paris with the right Parisians is the best option ever! XXX

      • LDG luciledegodoy
        May 22, 2016

        Can you imagine when I visit and you’re there? We will have a blast together! Xx

      • estelea
        May 23, 2016

        Hopefully next year 😉 Would LoVe It! X

      • LDG luciledegodoy
        May 25, 2016

        Deal! Xx

  9. trablogger
    May 6, 2016

    At last you are back from your vacation. Welcome back again 😉
    This is a really beautiful picture. The blurred background looks great.

    • estelea
      May 6, 2016

      Thanks so much! Coming from a big pro like you I take it as a huge compliment, really! I guess you have me signed up for at least 2 MM a month 🙂

      • trablogger
        May 7, 2016

        haha.. im not a big pro 😛 Anyway you can keep the compliment 😉
        Well I’ve just started an instagram version of MMC, I dont know if i want to continue with that. But if it is easier for you to join there, feel free.

      • estelea
        May 9, 2016

        Of course! I ll post there too, great idea 🙂 Have a beautiful week dear, will MMC next week, we are still in Bantayan with the very poor connection and it takes ages to upload a picture ..

      • trablogger
        May 12, 2016

        No worries. Hope you are having a better connection with people without proper wifi connection 😉

      • estelea
        May 17, 2016

        I love this line! I ll may have to steal it 😉 See you there next Monday for sure!

      • trablogger
        May 21, 2016

        haha.. i think that line is already a popular one. 😉

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