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French Mum, humanitarian, restless explorer and doer on sabbatical in Cebu (Philippines): one Attila in each arm, I am exploring the “toddlers safe” corners of the region, while trying to keep some room for Me.

It’s all about perspective

It’s been raining cats and dogs on our Filipino island for over 2 weeks now. School have even been canceled, traffic is so insane that no taxi would dare coming all the way up to our little town in the hills. On top of that ,the president cut all network signals for the last 2 days to prevent any security threat for Sinulog.. That’s what I call being stranded on an island.

Option 1: depress

Option 2: make the best of it. How relaxing is it not to need your phone any more? like in the goo’ ol’ days! We declared today an “Attilas Kind Day”. The kids lead and I ‘ll follow! We came back from our Muddy Puddles games soaked like a soup and shivering with cold, but had so much fun! It’s 5pm, we just finished the most delicious home made hot chocolates and we are already in pyjama. Something tells me I will have a real evening for myself tonight !

Ambience is all about the perspective you choose …img_0140


20 comments on “It’s all about perspective

  1. Green Global Trek
    January 16, 2017

    I clearly remember playing in the rain with my 3 boys. As soon as it started to rain we went out. Totally agree that making the best of it is a positive approach. What a great photo with the yellow rain boots!


    • estelea
      January 17, 2017

      Thanks Peta 🙂 It is the first time my kids see so much rain, they were thrilled ! It was hilarious to see the faces of the locals, wondering why those white people were excited to get out while every other normal human being was eager to get inside ..

  2. lexklein
    January 16, 2017

    Great photo and, as always, a great attitude! Can you come over here please and whip me into shape? I’m afraid I would have chosen Option 1!

    • estelea
      January 17, 2017

      Dearest, if I were mean I d send send you my kids for a day and you ll realise that option 1 is not even an option. They don’t even let you depress in peace!

      I guess I really appreciate the exotic and exceptional part of it. It reminds me of fall in France, the smell of the rain, the cakes, the hot tea .. Plus the great thing with being stranded is that you have no obligation to do anything. And that’s what I am best at.

      It seems that we won’t dry before mid Feb .. then March should be hot and shiny again. Wish I could send you a private plane to pick you up !

  3. Amanda Afield
    January 16, 2017

    Sometimes rainy days are the best kind of relaxing days!

    • estelea
      January 17, 2017

      Oh yeah! you have no idea how thrilled the kids and I were when the school cancelled the classes for 2 days …
      (and how thrilled I was when they re-opened though!)

  4. Snapshotsincursive
    January 16, 2017

    Rain is cleansing, in my opinion. 🌟✨💫

    • estelea
      January 17, 2017

      Oh yes, I so agree with you. It always has this effect on me – especially when I don’t have to get out 🙂 Too bad we can’t DHL some of your wonderfully yummy treats all the way here ..

      • Snapshotsincursive
        January 17, 2017

        Let’s develop an app for that! lol 🍓

      • estelea
        January 19, 2017

        Great idea 🙂 Believe me it would work wonders!

  5. Photography Journal Blog
    January 17, 2017

    What a lovely photograph.

    • estelea
      January 19, 2017

      Oh thank you so much! The only one that was not too blur, they were jumping, running, splashing .. A great afternoon indeed 🙂

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  7. Gerry Ajesta
    January 17, 2017

    Another year that I’ve missed Sinulog festival. 😀 I really love the picture, it reminds me so much of my childhood when I was still living with my grandma in the province.

    • estelea
      January 19, 2017

      Oh thanks for the sweet comment! We tend to overprotect the kids in my home country, forgetting how cool it is to actually be out most of the time! Another great thing we’ve (re) discovered in your country 🙂

      • Gerry Ajesta
        January 19, 2017

        I think it’s okay to be overprotective with your kids or your love ones, I think that’s normal but still don’t forget to have some fun. 🙂

      • estelea
        January 21, 2017

        Yes you are right! It is all in the balance 😉 Have a lovely week end

  8. Ann GrubbsnCritters
    January 17, 2017

    Did you have a real evening to yourself? 🙂

    • estelea
      January 19, 2017

      Yes I did! I collapsed after 1hour though 😉

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